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Pipe Bending

Our company is proud to be a supplier of high quality pipeline equipment to the pipeline construction industry. Our primary focus is on pipe bending machines, an essential piece of pipeline equipment everywhere pipeline construction occurs.

We manufacture pipe bending machines with an emphasis on performance, durability and ease of operation. Our pipe bending machines are based on a flexible membrane design that perfectly balances load distribution during the pipe bending action.

For smaller diameter pipe, we make the HPB Spring Shoe Bender. We rent and sell these units to many pipeline construction companies bending pipe in the two to eight (2-8) inch range. This is a truly innovative piece of pipeline equipment and has become the "bender of choice" in western Canada's pipeline construction industry.

HPB also builds pipe benders for pipeline construction companies that need to bend larger pipe. The HPB End Loading Pipe Bender is our mid-range hydraulic pipe bender, bending pipe from six through sixteen (6-16) inches in diameter. For pipeline construction companies that need a pipe bender with greater range and flexibility, we make the HPB Side Loading Pipe Bender.

The HPB Side Loading Pipe Bender will handle six through twenty (6-20) inch diameter pipe. The Side Load Bender features a retracting upper die to facilitate fast and easy placement of pipe. In fact, because of its ease of operation, the patented HPB Side Load Bender may be the fastest piece of pipe bending equipment in the pipeline construction industry today.

Our patented hydraulic pipe benders are revolutionary in the realm of pipeline construction equipment. Consider the time and cost savings of a pipe bending machine that virtually eliminates pipe damage, a feature that is particularly advantageous when bending coated and insulated pipe. These pipe benders have eliminated the need to change dies and liners when bending pipe of different sizes, resulting in a substantial reduction in operating and equipment costs.

To date, for our hydraulic pipe benders, we have concentrated our efforts on the Rental Pipeline Equipment market. However, serious sales and distribution inquiries will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to know more about this type of pipeline construction equipment, please look through our web site, available in a frame and non-frame format. On the web site you will see our pipe benders and also a rolling pipe cradle ("Rolli-Cradle"), the latest addition to our line of pipeline equipment. Our pipeline construction equipment is made in Edmonton, Canada, and has been distributed to pipeline construction companies around the globe with very positive feedback.

HPB Springshoe Replacement Bar 2.jpg

When you think of pipe bending equipment, pipeline construction equipment or rental pipeline equipment, think of Heaman Pipe Bending.

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